What will be the decision of cabinet over Air India

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What will be the decision of cabinet over Air India


Pune : All India is in profit stated by Union civil aviation minister Jayant Sinha stated while addressing a press conference . According to him, Air India gets transformed to seek more  benefices instead of   privatization  of debt- laden national carrier.  As the media reports says that NITI Aayog  proposed total privatization of the national carrier, but  Union finance minister Arun Jately favored disinvestment of the loss-making carrier.
"The current numbers suggest that our airlines are running in profit. They are not running in losses. Even Air India too is in profit. We are fortunate that oil prices have come down. The cost of aviation turbine fuel has come down 40 to 50 per cent and because of that flying has become affordable," The civil aviation stated.

As the records  Approximate profit of 105crore  was posted by Air Line in 2015-2016  due to low price of fuel and increase -ment in the number of passenger.

"As far as the passenger trips are concerned, in the last three years, there is a 70 per cent rise. So it is wrong to say that the aviation sector is running into losses, in fact they (airlines) are in profit," he added.

Sinha disagreed about the losses in aviation and told that the government is thinking what to do about the ownership on Air India and  will take decision after it.  In India five hundred are commercial jets and 850 gets ordered to expend  the aviation sector, that’s a good step, but what will be decision of government, we will get more updates about it. Stay connected with us.

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